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I thoroughly enjoy working with patients and their family members and their reviews make my day!

I would highly recommend Nicky as a patient advocate

Nicky was a tremendous help while I was in the hospital. After surgery, they could not get my pain under control, and my blood pressure and heartrate were very high. The nurse practitioner (hospitalist) wanted to discharge me to a skilled nursing facility. Nicky scheduled a meeting with the surgeon, and they decided to keep me one more night to get the pain under control. Nicky was also there when I was transferred to a skilled nursing facility. The medication list did not completely get transferred over correctly from the hospital to the nursing facility. Fortunately, Nicky caught this medication error and got the issue resolved. I would highly recommend Nicky as a patient advocate.

Rick, Omaha

Nicky has put my mind at ease.

Mom was undergoing multiple health problems that she continued to downplay during visits with her doctors. The medical issues were impacting her quality of life. Being located many states away I could not be there to help her and make sure the doctors were getting the full story. Nicky has put my mind at ease. She has put together Mom’s medical information and attends Mom’s doctors’ appointments, both in person and by calling in. Nicky makes sure that the doctors have the full story. Nicky has been great for Mom and I highly recommend her to others.

Tanya, Omaha

Nicky is a thorough, detail-oriented, compassionate advocate.

Nicky was a great help to me in planning for my annual Medicare checkup. I had a couple of problems that were important to me, and I was convinced that the doctor would not listen – wouldn’t hear me. Nicky encouraged me to complete a log with my symptoms and my attempts to alleviate and manage them. I did this and included blood pressure readings. I also included my prescription and over-the-counter medications. This helped me to present my problems in an organized way. As it turns out, my doctor did listen and did a thorough exam and testing which helped to alleviate my anxiety. He prescribed medication for sleep and made the change in my blood pressure medication which was indicated.

In the event I wasn’t happy with my doctor’s visit, Nicky had researched some physicians in different health systems that I might want to investigate.

Nicky is a thorough, detail-oriented, compassionate advocate. My concerns were her focus. I recommend her service to anyone dealing with the complexities of today’s healthcare.

Barb, Omaha

Nicky has really made a positive impact on the quality of healthcare for Mom.

Nicky is smart, very knowledgeable on senior health issues, organized, and very congenial and respectful. My Mom is not very open to strangers but she quickly took to Nicky and thinks she is wonderful for all that she does for her. Nicky has organized all Mom’s prescription medications, past medical history, and current treatments and brought or faxed the information to all of her healthcare providers to ensure all her doctors were aware of the information. Because of Nicky’s efforts the doctors identified a couple of medications that she should not / need not take any longer.

As another example, Mom had stopped her RA treatments last year because her other medical issues made the long drive difficult. The treatment was only offered in Lincoln. Nicky arranged to have the RA treatment performed in the local hospital for ease and convenience for Mom, a first for the hospital. Mom now is able to access the treatment she needs. Nicky has really made a positive impact on the quality of healthcare for Mom.

Ed, Omaha

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